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Complementary Medicine

I take an eclectic and open-minded approach to assessing and treating my patients, having learned that no one way has all the answers. This reflects an understanding born of my learning about illness and different forms of both physical and ‘energy’ medicine. I believe that presently we understand relatively little about how we humans work, so have a certain humility and flexibility when it comes to treating someone else.

Doctor Charles InnesSymptom or Source
It is important to realise that the manifestations of most illnesses are expressions of internal imbalance.
The body has made them happen somehow, via mechanisms we do not understand fully. Often it is as if the subtle dictates the physical, whereby something invisible goes wrong before, say, a rash appears. Clearly, the more a disease can be treated at its level of origin, the better so this is usually what I aim for. There are times though when a quick fix is the best solution and if this seems to be the best approach, I will take it. Practically, I aim to be realistic, versatile and fit in with my patients’ wishes.

What actually needs treating?
It is not uncommon for people to present with a certain physical problem and then move their focus to other, sometimes deeper, issues. I see my role as one half of a partnership where I help my patients understand how they have come to be as they are, how best to proceed and how to turn their illness into a positive experience.

Bespoke treatment
I work in a very individualized way because everyone is very different. One person may want to change their diet completely while another may want results without any impact on their lifestyle, or to see me only once, for example. I have come to work as a homeopath, herbalist and healer by design, this being the best combination I could think of. Because I have several ways of approaching many ailments it is usually fairly easy for me to adapt to each situation.

My unusual position has enabled me to combine principles from different areas of therapeutics and to develop new ways. This applies particularly to homeopathy, where my herbal and healing knowledge have informed my homeopathic prescribing. These innovations have turned out to be some of my most valued tools. For example, I have developed approaches to both stress and chronic fatigue. I foresee a future where homeopaths and other practitioners work very differently from how they do today.

These are some of the main ways a problem can be approached:

   Lifestyle measures
   Boosting immunity
   Nutritional guidance
   Ensuring good sleep
   Increasing stress tolerance
   Treating just the end symptoms
   Strengthening the body’s vitality
   Treating the body's main 'energy' centres
   Removing obstacles to cure (e.g. allergens)
   Directing the body’s vitality to a certain area
   Treating genetic and inherited characteristics
   Constitutional treatment of the whole individual
   Treating the subtle that gives rise to the physical
   Treating predispositions that are not yet causing disease
   Educating people about how their symptoms come about
   Improving the body’s ability to compensate for the problem
   Targeting specific systems (e.g. the nervous system), or organs (e.g. the adrenals)
…and so on, each situation needing a different approach.

London Homeopath   

Good results depend on an accurate understanding and treatment of the disease process (and also patient-practitioner teamwork). It is very individual-specific and quite different from the typical medical approach. This requires an in depth understanding of what is going on in each person regarding their presenting complaint, how it came to be, their general makeup, circumstances and quite a bit more. For this reason I spend a great deal of time outside clinic hours reviewing the weeks sessions, resummarising notes, analysing cases, planning management and so on. Sometimes I will spend more time working on a patients casenotes than I ever have face to face with them, particularly with complex and chronic conditions.


As an example, for a chronic problem such as adult eczema, typically someone might start getting results after one or two sessions and continue to come every few weeks (the length of the gap being up to them) until better. After that they should be able to stay well through good self management although may need the occasional top-up treatment.

My clinics in south west London have different fee structures. Sometimes someone needs a lot of treatment but cost is an issue, in which case we can usually find an affordable effective solution. If this applies to you please tell me early on so I can work around it. There are usually various ways to manage this situation and I am usually keen to help if I can.

Please note that I do not practice conventional medicine any longer although do work closely with other doctors.

London Homeopath - Dr. Charles Innes

Homeopathic west London – Homeopathic south west London - Homeopathic south London – London W, SW, TW

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