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Part of my work involves helping people meet and resolve their felt issues. Many of us have inner discomfort in the form of a feeling or perhaps emotion, that has got stuck and won’t move on. For example, mine has been a generalised internal tightness that is somehow associated with a huge desire to cry, like grief, felt in the chest.

 We don’t need to understand these inner things in order to resolve them, thankfully. You know when you have a tender knot in a shoulder muscle? It just wants to be found and met; then it can relax. That’s the best way I can describe this approach.


I came to this by exploring what lies behind our symptoms, the iceberg under the tip.

Many symptoms will lead you back to their source if you ask them nicely. All that is required is the motivation, the ability to allow things to happen and a bit of time.

My experience with various mind/body methods has doubtless informed what has become a key part of my work, although it arose in fact from homeopathic history taking.

Many patients value these sessions especially, for the good changes they can deliver, often in a
one-off session. They exist as standalone treatments although I tend to find the information very useful homeopathically too.

Inner sensing sessions in London

What is involved

These sessions differ from my usual appointments. They are less about the mind and talking and more about sensing internally. The aim is to resolve the inner things that are causing trouble, whatever we might call them.

Its about the process, not the content of what comes up.
Attending to the inner language of the body seems to enable a helpful unravelling and dissipation. It is if our awareness is the necessary catalyst.

Simple works best here, and all that is required is to take the time to tune in and allow the spontaneous resolution that usually comes. To achieve this usually I lie my patient down, hold their head in my hands, and just encourage them to go towards the whatever-it-is. It can be done without contact and sitting normally too. Most find that nothing happens at first, then awareness and perceptions do come forth.

The inner sensations we get behave like waves typically. They come and go and have their own energy. This saved up energy is released and spent with each wave of feeling. All that is necessary is to feel the waves; to embody them. It does not seem to be important to ‘emote’ them. Thus, say, murderous anger, the terror of imminent death or a traumatic memory can be processed entirely inside and even without any external sign of upset. Inner Sensing - Who it suits

Explanations and reasons are not important here, in fact they use up valuable experiencing time.

This is not psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, shamanism, visualisation, hypnosis, ‘The Journey’, bodywork or healing although does share elements with all of those. Indeed, it is no accident that these approaches contain common elements.

Inner sensing sessions in London

Who it suits

This process suits best people with the awareness that symptoms are coming from something deeper in the self, whether or not that deeper thing is actually perceived directly.

Sensitive people and those with traumatic past events or problems triggered by stress make particularly good candidates.

It is not suitable for everyone, most notably the psychotic and particularly unbalanced types.

People who are very controlling can be unable to soften enough to allow the process to work though this is not a rule and I have known many exceptions. Your instinct is probably your best guide to the chances of success if you feel this is you.


A single session is often all that is needed although people can come back whenever they wish for this work. Subsequent sessions rarely continue from where the last one left off, instead tend to bring their own fresh agenda each time.

With all my new patients I start with a general purpose overview session, whatever the treatment that will follow so everyone needs to have this initial one before we can get into this inner work.

This work needs an hour-long slot and works very well remotely (Skype, Facetime or Zoom video).

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