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Updated: 18th May 2020


• I have switched for now from in-person to remote consulting

• I have reduced my prices and am offering further discounts to those who can’t afford it

• 10 minute mini consultations are available too

• My working times are changing to 9-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

• All sessions need to be prepaid before being booked

• Please contact me freely with any queries


I use Facetime (drinnes2@gmail.com), Skype (drinnes@doctors.org.uk), Zoom or phone (07976 727 186); whichever you prefer. I don’t have Whatsapp or a smartphone so please use only my contact IDs above (e.g. Facetiming my mobile won’t work). If you haven’t yet used a Video app please be sure to have a practice run ahead of time and do not leave it until the session itself!


Bookings can be made online (it takes payment at the same time via Paypal or Stripe) or directly with me (e.g. if you prefer direct bank transfer, want a 10 minute/30 slot or we have agreed a discount).


I’m afraid this is an absolute, the alternative being to use precious session time to pay online before we talk.

Payments can be made here: Appointments & Payment

You may need to do multiple payments to add up to the appropriate total when paying for remedies sent from me (e.g. a 5 and a 10 to make a 15) as Paypal doesn’t allow much of a spectrum.

If you prefer to do a direct transfer please email me for my bank details well ahead of time. Reception cannot take card payments over the phone.

Coronavirus remote consulting
The consultation

Have a practice run beforehand if you’re new to the video system.
Have phone and email live at the time of our session, as backups.
Have pen/paper/glass of water; be alone and uninterrupted.
Come the session, we both try initiating the connection.

Sessions, timeslots, prices

1 hour
30 mins
10 mins
new patients/in depth follow ups
normal follow ups/new patients under 5
existing patients with simple issues



Please use your judgement as to how long you need to book for. If in any doubt at all ask me first as exceptions occur and I am flexible.


My main constraint is time but I’m being as generous with it as I can. If you are in need but can’t afford me then make contact. I may in return require your help e.g. by emailing me advance information that may help me understand your issue. Success depends on resourcefulness, thoroughness and teamwork.


Depending on circumstances they come either from me or from a third-party pharmacy who invoice you directly. They fit through the letter box and are an additional 20/month typically. A new type of remedy has come into its own; the combined herbal/homeopathic remedy, where an indicated herb doubles up as the carrier for a homeopathic one too. If the post fails there are still ways to send homeopathics.

I am open to communication as normal now. Please email (not text) me on drinnes@doctors.org.uk

Online remote Homeopathic doctor

I’m sorry about all the rules and new information but it’s just an adaptive change, which is what humans excel at!




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