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There is very probably something that can be done to help.

A recent study showed that 70% of chronic disease patients reported positive health changes after a particular type of intervention (homeopathy). Imagine how much more effective it could be to use several therapeutic approaches together.

I am a London-based medical doctor who has been practicing complementary medicine since 1992. Serious illness motivated me to find the most effective treatments for myself and my patients. I discovered that the answer lies in using the treatment that best fits the illness and set out to become more versatile and effective.

I take a balanced approach that embraces several disciplines, which I believe is where the future of medicine lies. I am trained, qualified, registered and insured in medicine, medical herbalism, homeopathy and healing. My other main tools are nutrition and a computerised device for treating the body's energy field.

For many years I worked at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and was also the UK's lead practitioner of a well known naturopathic detoxification regime. I have co-founded one of London's first major integrated medicine centres, pioneered new treatments and appeared in the national media.

I have been managing a wide variety of conditions using complementary medicine since 1992. I offer both the knowledge that comes from being multiply qualified and the and understanding gleaned from my experience with complex and chronic illness. I have found it important to meet the situation on the physical level, with molecular interventions like nutrition and herbs but that the actual determinants of illness are deeper and non-physical usually. That calls for deeper methods which is where ‘energy’ work and homeopathy have a place.

I am happy to be contacted with simple queries relating to general health matters or consultations.

I am covered for homeopathy by most medical insurance companies that recognise it.

Remote online video consultation

Many people prefer the convenience and accessibility of a Zoom appointment. There are further advantages to remote sessions than simply the convenience in fact. Afterwards I post or order any homeopathy or herbs needed.
Please see the videocall page for details.

Practice details

South Kensington
33 Thurloe Place
London SW7 2HQ

Appointments & Payment


Initial / Follow-up & under 5s:
£160 / £80

Remote Consultation

Online video appointments via Skype, Facetime, Zoom or phone.

Appointments & Payment


Initial / Follow-up & under 5s:
£160 / £80


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Video Calls

Live online video appointments are a convenient alternative to in-person homeopathy.
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