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Important re. remote sessions

I work remotely (Zoom, Facetime, Skype or phone) on Thursday mornings. Come the appointment be comfy and undisturbed; have phone and email on as backups; we both try to initiate the connection.
My Facetime contact id is drinnes2@gmail.com (not my mobile or drinnes@doctors.org.uk).

Important re. face-to-face sessions

I see patients at 33 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2HQ; next to South Kensington underground station, on Tuesdays.
The building is also used for psychotherapy so we need to respect the need for quiet.
There is no reception or waiting area so please don’t bring anyone else in unless they need to be part of it.
Please ring the bell exactly on time, not beforehand and I will come down to meet you.
We are fortunate to have a nice café/shop underneath us.
My room is up two flights of stairs.
Usually I provide remedies there and then.
If you have had Covid-like symptoms in the week preceding our appointment please cancel and reschedule.

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If you’re trying to book a session though, please use the ‘Book an appointment…’ portal above (this one below won’t inform the diary that you’ve paid hence won’t allow you to book).
You can pay via Credit Card or PayPal account.

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Video Calls

Live online video appointments are a convenient alternative to in-person homeopathy.
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