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How to find a homeopath in London


This page explains how to find a London homeopath that is right for you. Homeopathy comes in various guises, is still evolving and is misunderstood widely. Searching ‘homeopath London’ or ‘London homeopath’ unearths a wide range of practitioners, providing a wide range of patient experiences.

Who am I?

I am a multiply qualified practitioner who came to homeopathy via a road of personal and professional experience.

Homeopathy is

...a system of using remedies (not necessarily dilute) to prompt the body to find its balance again. Although human physiology is homeostatic (self righting), the mechanism can and does fail. This tends to result in illness triggered by, but not entirely attributable to, external causes. Homeopathy appears to alert the body to this imbalance, leading to normal self healing (homeostatis).

Homeopathy in the UK

…is governed by a different legal principle than in many other countries. This allows for non medically qualified practitioners, who outnumber the medical ones here. In most other countries, homeopathy is practised only by qualified doctors. While some UK doctors practise a little homeopathy, relatively few do it full time. Some of these are in the NHS homeopathic hospitals (which require a GP referral) and a few like myself work privately.
The Faculty of Homeopathy is the contact point for doctor homeopaths. The equivalent body for non medically qualified homeopaths is the Society of Homeopaths, although there are several other bodies with lower entry criteria..

Homeopathy in the UK

London homeopaths

…work in two main ways; classical and ‘complex/local/combination’ homeopathy. Classical homeopaths are concerned to get to the bottom of things and go for cure rather than be content with the short termism of suppressing symptoms. They are the markswomen (most are!) of homeopathy. Non classical prescribers use approaches that can be more easily effective if done well although their effect is shallower if not. Non classical methods tend to take a more medical approach. Some practitioners, myself included, combine both techniques, being guided by the case in front of them.

How to find a homeopath in London

I suggest following a word of mouth trail, based on good things you may have heard from someone else. If you have nowhere to start, try the Faculty or Society, depending on whether you want a doctor or not (remembering that only a few doctors do it full time). It is always a good idea to have a quick phone chat with a new practitioner if you are unsure about committing.

The right practitioner

The right practitioner

In life and homeopathy, things work better when the different components fit together well. A good homeopath for you might be someone who: you feel comfy with, has an intuitive grasp of what is going on, has a good understanding of human ‘construction’ (not just physical), is knowledgeable about remedies, has a balanced viewpoint, can move easily between empathy and cold objectivity, is resourceful in how they work, is experienced in life and their craft and who knows that homeopathy is not always the only or best solution. These are the things I look for in a practitioner.

Consulting me

While I am at the top end of the spectrum as regards qualifications, location and cost, it can be better to see a local homeopath who is good enough, as you may be more likely to stick with it.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me on 07976 727 186 (where you will probably get the answerphone)
or drinnes@doctors.org.uk


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