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Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything before committing to an appointment. I understand the need to check out a potential practitioner from my own experiences.

I am also happy to answer simple queries on general health matters, even if you are not planning on consulting me.

Although my expertise is in homeopathy, herbalism and healing I am interested in many areas of complementary medicine and how to do a better job of understanding and mending people.

In particular, don’t be put off by living too far from my clinics as I have found online consultations to be every bit as good as face to face and in some ways better.

Doctor Charles Innes - London Homeopath

The articles page contains ‘Patient’s guide’ which has useful basic information, particularly on homeopathic dosing and reactions. Depending on your question it may be best to use email or the phone, in which case please do leave a message if I am unavailable.

Mobile:  07976 727 186

Email:  drinnes@doctors.org.uk


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View articles and guides: Patients Guide, Ideal Diet, Stress Questionnaire, Chaperone Policy and more.
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Video Calls

Live online video appointments are a convenient alternative to in-person homeopathy.
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