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Broad range

I see people who have a great variety of conditions. City-stress plays a big part among my London patients but that acts by triggering our inherent vulnerabilities. Some respond better than others and of course treatment should not be taken to imply cure. Please feel free to check with me beforehand.

Addressing the root

This scope exists because I try to aim at the causal mechanisms of illness, which, if you think about it, are our normal physiological mechanisms operating in a deranged way. Thus the most effective approach usually is, I believe to normalise the physiology behind the problem. A smaller part of my work is about dealing directly with the final result of illness (e.g. pain) or attacking external pathogens (e.g. bacteria).

Homeopathic medicine

Evidence and making claims

Websites come under the jurisdiction of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the body that enforces the advertising codes written by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). CAP believes there to be no substantial evidence of the efficacy of most forms of complementary medicine. This makes it illegal to imply that these treatments may be effective for any given condition. Testimonials from satisfied patients are also interpreted as implying that others with that condition may too benefit from the treatment, and are therefore not allowed, regardless of their veracity.
So I am not able to list here the types of problem I see most often, or the conditions that I feel best lend themselves to my interventions.

2023 Review
You can find the latest (2023) review on homeopathy meta-studies here: biomedcentral.com/articles... External link

Homeopathic medication

Other treatments

I may recommend, or even insist on, orthodox or other complementary medical treatment as well (eg with cancer or some psychiatric disturbances). It is my responsibility to ensure that the methods I use are safe and compatible with any others you are having.

Ask me

If you are unsure about whether I believe I may be able to help in your particular case I invite you to contact me to check before committing yourself to an appointment.


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Video Calls

Live online video appointments are a convenient alternative to in-person homeopathy.
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