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We're experiencing very significant progress with G - hallelujah!

Thanks Charles. Really appreciate all your patience! And kindness.

:)  :)  Thankyou. I really do appreciate all you are giving to me.

Dear Dr. Innes,
Thank you for yesterday's consultation which I found very helpful.


I wanted to let you know about the medicine prescribed was very good.

Hi Charles
Thank you so much for such a detailed response and helpful guidance greatly appreciated...

I took that powder (the one off thing) yesterday and it seems to have worked some magic!

Many many thanks for remedy. Already a HUGE improvement. I am so pleased we have found you.

Dr Innes…accurately diagnoses and prescribes…for deep seated aliments, which leads to permanent healing.

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I am so grateful that I haven't had to give him xxx this time.

Hello Charles!
By jove! That remedy has worked!!
I no longer have a fat foot!


The results have been nothing short of spectacular. From readings of xxx....There has been a drop to readings such as xxx…

Hello Dr. Innes,
hope you are well. It was good to meet you week before last - it was a turning point for me, and after that I've got so much insight into what's happening.

Morning Charles,
Thank you so much for this information. I never properly thanked you for making such a difference, I can't tell you how much it helped

As a scientist and chemist I am unable to explain xxx but I know it works. When given the correct remedy I have felt better within hours. xxx has helped me to cope with and recover from xxx and xxx for breast xxx.

Your magic continues to have a lasting impact on my mum who is really doing well despite how this year started.
When I say well, I mean like a new person. I am sure she won't mind me telling you that she is the healthiest, happiest she has ever been and has even taken up flamenco dancing... something I thought I would never see!! This all started after your treatment…


My five year old daughter was suffering from a persistent xxx infection, that three different courses of antibiotics over six months failed to heal. Dr Innes approached the problem with a combination of herbal and homeopathic medicines which cleared the xxx within two weeks.

After receiving the remedy, my xxx increased slightly for a few days, and then dramatically reduced. I feel very fortunate to have found a holistic treatment for this condition, as a welcome alternative to the treatment of symptoms via conventional pharmacology.

Dr Innes is 3 out of 3. I had an awful xxx on my xxx. Dr Innes’s remedy cured it. I then suffered from xxx which was cured through Dr Innes’s remedies. Finally my son had a xxx on his xxx which is now gone thanks to Dr Innes’s remedy…amazing to see the difference.

Dr Innes has been instrumental in helping me overcome xxx. He is highly qualified, personable and uses a truly holistic approach to get the best results for his patients. His work on my xxx system has also yielded good results, with me now being much less susceptible to xxx and xxx than in the past.

I came to see Dr. Innes some years ago, suffering with very bad xxx. I had been given a prescription by a conventional doctor for antibiotics and steroid cream and felt that it was time for me to look elsewhere for help…following a few treatments I began to see an improvement. I now see Dr. Innes…to continue treatment of more xxx issues…

Recently I went to see Charles with a complex xxx problem. Using xxx and xxx he has completely transformed how I feel, to a far greater extent than I could achieve with conventional medicine. The effect with me is almost instantaneous, and I tend to react quickly and positively to his remedies. I couldn't recommend him more.

I suffered…from xxx for 20 years. Everyone who said they could cure it did - but for about a month at the most. Then I came across Dr Innes who painstakingly and methodically set about relieving me of my affliction. It's taken time but it is the most wonderful release to be over the worst. And, into the bargain, he has cleared up a few other problems along the way. What a relief!

Dr Innes has been treating me for the last three months. I first went to him feeling run down, with very little energy and with constant headaches and stomach problems. With gentleness and sympathy, he has treated the whole person, rather than the individual symptoms and in an astonishingly short time, I find myself strengthened and relatively stress free. Reassuring and calm, he gives me complete confidence.

At age 49 following xxx and xxx treatment for breast xxx. I was feeling extremely low physically and emotionally. Approximately ten days after the first consultation with Dr Innes, I felt greatly improved and the improvement has continued and been maintained. The treatment has had a transforming affect on my physical and emotional state. I am now 53 and feel better than I have felt since I was in my thirties.

I had been feeling over wrought and tired for some time. Blood tests revealed I had an under active xxx...I sought the help of Dr Innes. He treated me with a carefully considered mixture of xxx and xxx medicine…After six months he advised me to take another blood test and I was very happy with the result which a showed a definite improvement…I feel much more empowered where my own health is concerned.

Dr. Innes and his carefully selected remedies based on a holistic approach and in depth analysis of one’s constitution has helped me enormously. An unconventional lifestyle due to the type work I do, resulted in me acquiring a number of aliments which traditional medicine ceased to assist with. After an initial visit with Dr. Innes, I saw a vast improvement in my overall well being both on a mental and physical level. I highly recommend homeopathic treatment for anyone who can find no solutions for their ongoing medical conditions.

I came to see Dr Innes having numerous health issues, I used to have pain in the chest, my muscles and bones felt lifeless, feeling exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep stressed, and unexplainable pains all over my body. To put it in short nothing seemed right with me from head to toe, but after few sessions with Dr Innes I can confidently say that I was lucky to have found a Dr who has deep insight into the ailments of human body. Today I feel much healthier and more confident than when I first saw Dr Innes. I would recommend him to any body who need to regain health and confidence.

I have a new face!!! How amazing is that! Even people in the office have noticed - my teeth are now touching and my face feels relaxed. My walk feels different - like my feet are firmly on the floor - my voice is different. Had a proper nap with real sleep….I drank some earl grey tea though and thought I felt it move back a bit so stopped drinking and got some water instead….
You are a great healer - I'm so happy I thought to see you. You are the only person to have given me the possibility of healing my jaw - everyone else has accepted it as irrelevant or impossible (bar serious dental work/op). Hope is a wonderful thing…


I went to see Dr Innes on the recommendation of a friend. I had developed an addiction to sleeping tablets and I needed help in coming off them. I have now reduced the dosage to 1/4 of the amount I used to take and am on course for a full
recovery. The support and treatment I have received has been amazing and I have also been able to address long standing problems with depression, anxiety, and stress. I have found Dr Innes to be a very professional, compassionate, and wise
practitioner and would recommend him without hesitation.


I initially visited Charles Innes to see if he could help overcome my annual bout of xxx. We discussed my general health, family background and symptoms. Charles is a delight to chat with and an extremely patient listener, teasing out many important facts that other doctors have been unable to coax from me. His brown herbs, which I now take religiously every day, have helped all manner of ailments that I experience from xxx to xxx to xxx - I am extremely grateful and continue to see Charles on a regular basis throughout the year.

Dr. Innes has been instrumental in xxx several members of my family from xxx conditions. His remedies have effectively eliminated my xxx, and have dramatically improved the xxx of my 2-year-old daughter and 4-month old son.
He is an insightful and experienced practitioner, who is also a great listener and has a wonderful gift for putting his patients at ease.
Overall, we are extremely pleased with Dr. Innes' results and recommend him very highly.


 I did not know if it did when I made my first appointment with Dr Charles Innes.
My health problem was an inability to xxx without suffering from waves of debilitating xxx…I could not risk driving, holidays were restricted…Mainstream medicine had not been able to solve this problem and ‘alternative medicine’ was my last resort…
I can say his treatment and care has made a big difference to my quality of life as a whole. How, I do not know, but the waves of debilitating, xxx have gone.

It is hard to be specific about the number of occasions you have helped me and the children…diagnosed with xxx when she was 3 months old, and also…xxx which would cause her to...scream in obvious pain. She was very xxx and had severe xxx…The NHS doctors started investigating for xxx, but before we had been given the appointment to see the consultant she was well on her way to being fine, under your care…no xxx and no xxx or xxx. I am certain that…treatment you provided unravelled whatever issues she had in a way that conventional medicine may never have done.

I was a bit sceptical about xxx…I first saw Dr Innes…I was tired out, feeling lethargic, I would wake up after 8 hours sleep feeling exhausted…My concentration was poor, I was eating a lot of carbohydrates, trying to get some energy but it seemed impossible to get going. 3 days after the first session I felt like a new person, more energy, waking up ready for a new day, more motivated and my concentration improved. Now 6 weeks and another visit later I just feel terrific. I’m taking regular exercise, which I couldn’t face before. My eating habits have improved and also the xxx that I was suffering from have dwindled to almost nothing. What a relief, I seem to have rediscovered myself.

I arrived with a few health problems: xxx, xxx syndrome, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx and trying to deal with my xxx and work…the xxx has almost disappeared…xxx after 3 months has disappeared…above all I have the feeling of changing to a better and healthier person, manage to sleep better. Last week one of the persons that knows me better said she could feel how better I am and I even lost weight. Each time Dr. Charles Innes asks and assess the effect of the previous medication and makes sure of knowing how I am. I feel I have found in Dr. Charles the doctor I was looking for, deeply aware of world and complementary medicine…clarifies my doubts, advises but does not impose his will allowing me to decide for myself.

Before I had the treatment, I was very sceptical of Homeopathic medicine and the supposed myths that surrounded it. I decided to try Homeopathic medicine after all the other conventional methods, I was even told by my doctors that the only solution would be to have surgery with no guarantee of it working, and the consequences of scarring to my face. A friend of mine knew someone who had been treated successfully using Homeopathic medicine and she suggested I try it. This I did, and to my surprise, two months later, the cysts in my neck had disappeared. I have felt much more confident in myself and my energy levels have increased dramatically. I am much happier and feel much healthier than I did before. I am glad I tried Homeopathic medicine and I would recommend it to anyone who needed help.

As you can see my energy level has soared! Have not been so active for years. I sleep better as well without the need for remedy. Feel more positive as well. There were a couple of bad days where I felt depressed, angry, resentful and where old memories resurfaced…
…stressful days with my daughter but managed to keep calm and in control despite being exhausted as I hardly slept because of her…
Thank you so much for helping me as I feel hopeful now that I am on the way to recovering my health…I have had a taste of what its like to have energy and it feels really good…I was in a bad way and probably could not have gone on for much longer without something dreadful happening…

I think the treatment was the right way to deal with my daughters health problems because we can see progress. She had several examinations in the past but the results and medication were never satisfying and lasting.
With the homeopathic treatment my daughter experiences ups and downs but this is what we expected because of the long history with this specific issue. The good thing is, if we realise that things turn again we are able to contact the practitioner immediately and are offered support very quickly.
Dr Innes takes his time to understand her problems and explains the treatment so that she is able to understand what is going on. She trusts Dr Innes which is a main part for a positive development.


We value the health of our bodies.. but how much? How much attention do we give this vital aspect of our lives? In my case I had left my attention packed in a suitcase buried at the back of a closet in the spare room at my Mum’s house. When I first went to meet Dr. Innes I was in a bad place. After years of misdiagnosis and hundreds of conventional prescriptions my health was out of balance and out of my control. My body was…I hit rock bottom with a post viral fatigue that left me feeling vulnerable, abandoned by my regular doctor and afraid for my future. Finding Dr. Innes was like finding a remedy in itself. He has my total trust and confidence. He has helped to empower me with the knowledge of my own health, mentally and physically, so that I now no longer feel cut off from my own process of healing but 100% involved. He has painstakingly taken every aspect of my life into consideration to uncover the deeper imbalances that need to be resolved. I am a whole unique being when I sit in his consultation room, his perception is flawless as he strives to shine a light on every aspect and shadow. I have finally after many years of searching, found a doctor with whom I can build a solid relationship.

I was suffering from chronic fatigue, feeling constantly tired, cold, weak, mentally and physically inert for no understandable reason. Conventional medical blood tests did not have conclusive results and my traditional medical practioner started to question my mental health! This completely dismayed me, I thought that this approach was totally unacceptable and in desperation I searched for alternative complementary medicine for help and advice.
Fortunately I found Dr Charles Innes who saw me immediately. His kind, understanding, compassionate and insightful approach combined with a gentle, supportive manner has been a complete revelation. He swiftly comprehended the key issues and through bespoke homeopathic remedies resolved the symptoms I went to him with. He's now tackled other issues which I had just accepted I'd have to live with, such as a poor digestive tract.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Charles Innes, mind and body will certainly benefit from his expert care, enabling you to live a fuller and healthier life.

I have suffered from xxx since 1995 and was totally dependent on two strong inhalers, which I took twice a day each and every day.
On 2nd November 2006, and on two occasions in 2007, I consulted Dr Innes on the recommendation of my wife, and with extreme reluctance, since I considered that all homeopathy and herbal remedies were complete rubbish. There was no improvement whatsoever in my condition.
On 12th February 2009, my wife asked me to consult Dr Innes again. I have visited him each month since. I take his herbal remedies twice a day, as he prescribed. I had two blasts of homeopathy. To my considerable astonishment, my xxx improved to the point when I have dispensed altogether with the strong becotide inhaler (previously 14 puffs a week), and my use of the weaker ventolin inhaler has reduced from 14 puffs a week to 2. This has made a great difference to the quality of my life and cured my xxx xxx.
There is no doubt that this vast improvement in my quality of life is down to Dr Innes's treatment.


I, NT…sat in on 100 patients that Dr Innes was treating. Observing the dynamics of his intakes was a very educational and eye opening experience.
Dr Innes has the ability to really connect with individuals, both new clients and returning. His skilled and apt line of questioning and his approach to addressing the root cause of many ailments allows him to get a thorough understanding of the patient; ensuring the best treatment is tailored for them.
His knowledge in homeopathic remedies and botanical herbs is incomparable. He is always sharp with his understanding of the appropriate herbs to the corresponding symptom and from my experience, creates very effective and potent tinctures for his patients.
I was honoured to have Dr Innes allow me to sit in on some healing treatments he conducted with his patients. Having never witnessed such healing before, I was taken back by the level of console Dr Innes was able to reach with patients and how his encouraging language and guided line of questioning allowed his patients emotions to open up. Shadowing with Dr Innes has been one of the most privileged experiences I have had within my academic journey of becoming a naturopathic doctor.

My son as a baby had xxx twice and suffered a lot with xxx xxx which carried on for a few years. He was seen at the local hospital and was told that he may be developing xxx. They gave me syrup to take instead of an inhaler as he was too small. After the first dose I never gave it back to him as he became extremely hyperactive and his heart was beating very fast. My friend had gone to see Dr. Innes a year before and was very happy with the care and result and referred Dr Innes to me. Although, I live out of London I did not mind travelling as I had heard good reports about Dr. Innes. My son was treated by Dr Innes and within three months all his xxx problems were gone and besides colds he has never had a xxx since. My son is evidence that alternative medicine does work and though you may not see an instant fix you can be sure that it does get to the root of many illnesses that western medicine can not. My daughter is currently being seen by Dr. Innes.
I have found Dr. Innes very kind and considerate and takes his time with the patient. He thoroughly researches all areas of history to get a more suitable diagnosis. He makes the children feel very comfortable and is an extremely caring person. I would recommend anyone even if you are sceptical to try it as it truly is a great alternative.


I'm a mother in her late thirties and I've met Dr Innes nearly 3 years ago (he was recommended to me by a friend). At that time, I felt really down, overweight, I had problem of digestion, acne, catarrh, pain in the joints of my hand. I was very tired, didn't feel good about myself, with very low self-confidence.
When I saw him the first time, I was scared, not confident enough to get through changes I was not ready to make, but I was also full of hope, waiting for a miracle to happen! Dr Innes is a listener, he tries to understand who you are, your background and most important to me, he tries to understand "the why" behind all your symptoms (this is where "traditional medicine" let me down).
For him the body is an entity and every part of it works together, you just need to find the right balance for yours. In order to find this balance, he will treat you with 100% natural medicine, it won't happen in one day but with time and patience, you will be rewarded.
After a few sessions, I had the feeling that he new me better than I did myself ! After one year, I had lost 14 kg (great change for me), my acne problem is better now even if we are still working on it. I feel very confident, full of energy, life and happiness. I'm a completely different person now.
The journey is not over yet, but what a change ! He gave me my life back and I'm very grateful for that.


In early 2009 I was diagnosed with xxx. The symptoms were xxx in the lower back, pelvic area and legs; to a lesser degree the shoulders; and also the arms mainly after heavy work such as gardening. This meant I was very xxx especially walking and mainly after a long period in one position such as driving, sleeping or otherwise sitting
for a long time. Although not painful in my case, I did experience considerable discomfort and the condition was restrictive, e.g. turning over in bed and getting clothes over my shoulders. Both my GP and the Rheumatologist recommended steroid treatment for very quick relief of the symptoms, but to continue for two years or more in order to have a long term effect. I did not want to take steroids at all and so the GP prescribed Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in the first instance. As I wanted to be sure that I would not have to eventually take steroids I wanted some additional or even alternative treatment and so consulted Dr Innes to seek herbal treatment. The treatment that he recommended was herbal medicine to be taken daily and also homeopathic treatment which took place during the monthly consultations. While the prescribed medication was not specifically targeted and was treating the symptoms, Dr Innes was seeking to focus the treatment on the underlying causes of the tension that was leading to the tense muscles and stiffness. Improvement in the condition was immediately evident, but gradual. I was able to gradually cut down my use of the NSAIDs and by mid 2010 to totally cease taking them. I finished my herbal and homeopathic treatment in the Autumn of 2010, thus in less than the two years that the doctors were suggesting that I would need to be on steroids. Now six months on I have had no recurrence of the condition and am still moving easily. I do believe that in my case the herbal and homeopathic treatment were effective, had no side-effects and meant that I did not need to use steroids. I found Dr Innes very helpful, thoroughly seeking a wide range of information about my health history and symptoms, and discussing the treatment with me throughout.


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